Brighton Tutors' SAT & ACT Test Prep Tutoring leads to
Rapid Score Increases and can be Mastered by Any Student

  • Our Tutors teach a system of targeted strategies that significantly improve SAT & ACT scores quickly.

    • The SAT & ACT DO NOT work like the exams high school students are most familiar with. Without proper knowledge, strategy, technique, and practice, even highly–successful high school students struggle with the SAT & ACT Exams.
    • Our students become Experts in achieving overall SAT & ACT success, implementing section-specific strategies and techniques along the way.   
  • We recognize the importance and intent of SAT & ACT Admissions Exams, along with the pressures they place upon test-takers.

    • While Colleges & Universities use the SAT & ACT to ESTIMATE mastery of classroom knowledge, problem solving, and communication skills, exam success is highly-dependent on familiarity with content and format, task prioritization, and time-management skills.  

  • We understand that no two students are alike, so our Tutors are trained to work effectively with test-takers of all needs.

    • Our Tutors ALWAYS begin with a student assessment and, subsequently, prepare tutoring plans geared toward individual student needs.

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