• Ashraf Alam

Brighton Tutors Is Totally Blog-some: Introducing Our SAT & ACT Test Prep & College Admissions Blog

Brighton Tutors is bringing its SAT & ACT Test Prep and College Admissions expertise to our blog – STUDIOUSLY YOURS, BRIGHTON TUTORS.

Here, you’ll get real talk from company founder, Ashraf Alam, regarding the SAT & ACT Exams and the College Admissions Process. Drawing on a decade of tutoring experience, Ashraf will address common SAT & ACT concerns, talk strategy, and help you prepare your child for testing success. Likewise, he’ll break down the complex, often-confusing College Admissions Process.

We’ll post new articles each month, so check back for the latest STUDIOUSLY YOURS, BRIGHTON TUTORS. As we get the blog going, we welcome your feedback, comments, and questions.

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