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While most students find College Admissions Essays EXCEEDINGLY DIFFICULT to write, these essays have a HUGE IMPACT on College Admissions Decisions.

Brighton Tutors can help your child plan and write exceptional College Admissions Essays. Our students' essays weave compelling rationales for acceptance with dynamic storylines highlighting their individuality, formative experiences, and potential.

College Admissions Essay Consulting

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College Admissions Essays

* Brighton Tutors also offers Hourly College Essay Revision & Editing.

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Comprehensive College Admissions Essay Consulting

Our comprehensive Essay Consulting is designed to eliminate the confusion and anxiety associated with writing College Admissions Essays.

  • (6) Drafting and Revision Consultations

  • Culminates in submission-ready Personal Statement Essays for (1) top-choice college, along with a template for additional schools.

  • Cost:  $1350

  • * We also assist with school-specific Special Questions (billed separately)

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The Importance of College Admissions Essays

Most college-bound students (and their parents) agonize over writing College Admissions Essays. Still, these Admissions Essays represent an applicant’s only real opportunity to speak directly to College Admissions Officers  –  the people who actually make admissions decisions. Think of these essays as a stand-in for an admissions interview.

This essay is a VERY IMPORTANT, yet mostly underutilized, element of the College Admissions Process. While most application elements (e.g., SAT and ACT scores, GPA, and class rank) fail to convey a student’s true personality, a unique and compelling essay can add a highly-persuasive, qualitative feature to your child’s college application package. In other words, a GREAT College Admissions Essay can make the difference between getting Accepted or Rejected.

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College Essay Importance
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