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Help Your Child’s College Admissions Dream Come True – Hire An Expert, Private SAT & ACT Tutor

When high school students think about college, many are envisioning a specific school. These students imagine spending their college years attending their dream school – learning the campus, attending classes and study sessions, meeting new friends and colleagues, cheering sports teams, and ultimately, earning a respected and rewarding degree.

Brighton Tutors' Private, Online SAT & ACT Tutoring can help your child’s college admissions dreams come true.
You can help your child's College Dream come true with Private, Online SAT & ACT Test Prep Tutoring.

However, getting accepted to the college of your dreams means submitting an exceptional admissions application package. Over the course of four years, high school students must work hard to create a college application that well-exceeds the school’s admissions requirements. The importance of expert SAT & ACT Test Prep tutoring becomes clear when you consider that major admissions criteria like GPA, class rank, teacher recommendations, and extracurricular activities are essentially locked-in by Junior year. So, by the time a student begins the actual college admissions process, an SAT or ACT score stands out as the one remaining element of the application that (s)he can still actively work to improve.

What’s the best way to improve SAT and ACT scores?

Expert, Private SAT & ACT Test Prep Tutoring.

Content Review & Test-Taking Strategies

Content mastery is essential to successful SAT and ACT test prep. Working with an expert, private SAT & ACT tutor – from a proven company like Brighton Tutors – will help fill-in the educational gaps that most students have. An effective tutor will review and reteach the content most relevant to increasing SAT and ACT scores.

Another key to taking these tests successfully is understanding how to take each test in a way that maximizes points. A tutor will teach your student strategies for proper time management and question-prioritization, along with process of elimination and guessing techniques for each exam section. Students will also learn to identify the tricks and traps SAT and ACT test makers employ to waste time and make questions harder to answer correctly. With the help of a skilled SAT & ACT tutor, students become savvy, confident test-takers and their scores go up.

Individualized Study Plans

Brighton Tutors' Private, Online SAT & ACT Test Prep Tutoring gives our students a College Admissions edge.
Students gain an edge with Private SAT & ACT Tutoring.

A private tutor will continuously assess a student’s strengths and weaknesses in order to create an individualized study plan. Each student’s situation is unique, so an individual plan is essential. The tutor will focus the study plan on bolstering strengths and addressing a student’s weakest areas. Often, these weaknesses relate to topics that were taught years ago – frequently reaching all the way back to middle school.

Unlike typical SAT or ACT prep classes, where students receive a one-size-fits-all approach, a private tutor will use every session to further customize a student’s study plan. As the tutor becomes more familiar with the student’s needs and learning style, the one-on-one sessions become even more targeted, resulting in improved comprehension and mastery.

Guided-Practice & Diagnostic Tests

Achieving BIG score increases on the SAT and ACT tests requires plenty of guided-practice and strategic diagnostic testing.
Success on the SAT and ACT Tests is teachable.

Along with an individualized study plan, a private tutor will have students complete regular homework, guided-practice sections, and full diagnostic tests. With all of this data in hand, the tutor will monitor progress and focus subsequent instruction on further sharpening the student’s skills. Generally, the more a student practices – reinforced by expert feedback and instruction – the more likely (s)he will realize significant SAT and ACT score increases.

Expertise & Accountability

Students have busy lives. Between classes, homework, studying, extracurricular activities, and social lives, it can be hard to find the time necessary to improve SAT and ACT test scores. A private tutor will implement a focused study plan and hold a student accountable for attending tutoring sessions, completing weekly homework, and taking diagnostic tests. While the tutor will schedule sessions according to student availability, once scheduled, the student is expected to attend and fully participate in each session. Normally, when a student’s efforts are properly directed and expectations are clear, motivation and participation increases and more effective learning occurs.

A Constructive Rapport

SAT and ACT success depends on shared trust between parent, student, and test prep tutor. A tutor’s ability to develop a constructive rapport makes a huge difference to student motivation and confidence.
Expert SAT & ACT Tutoring builds necessary confidence.

A student and private tutor can build an effective working relationship founded on the common goal of achieving higher SAT and ACT scores. Students can share their testing experiences and goals, and tutors can provide guidance and help set realistic expectations. As the tutor gets to know the student better, the individualized study plan can be refined to perfectly match the student’s personality and learning style. Additionally, a constructive relationship usually means a more motivated student, allowing both tutor and student to take full advantage of each session.

Tutors can also help students with testing anxiety. For many students, the mere thought of taking a standardized test can be overwhelming. And, because the SAT and ACT are such high-stakes exams, many students experience so much anxiety that they freeze entirely. A skilled tutor can help a student overcome testing anxiety with targeted test-taking strategies, consistent positive reinforcement, and tons of practice.

Help Turn Your Child’s College Dream into a Reality with Expert Private, Online SAT & ACT Tutoring

SAT and ACT scores are crucial elements of the college admissions process. Help your child get accepted to his or her dream school with high-quality SAT & ACT test prep tutoring from a proven source like Brighton Tutors.
Higher SAT and ACT scores have a HUGE positive impact on College Admissions acceptances.

For many high school students, getting accepted to the college of their dreams is a major life goal. And, conquering the notoriously difficult SAT and ACT exams is a crucial step toward realizing any college admissions dream. Ultimately, hiring an expert private tutor – from a proven source like Brighton Tutors – is the best way you can help your child achieve SAT and ACT success. An expert, private SAT & ACT tutor will help your child learn key content, master essential test-taking strategies, and gain the confidence necessary to earn higher SAT and ACT scores.

Studiously Yours,

Ashraf Alam & Brighton Tutors


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